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No vitals?!?!!

I can not find vitals anywhere in the app.

The sad state of EMR in 2016

As of July 2016, the most current version is getting better but its still rough around the edges. Touch ID now works more reliably. The but in which text entry fields would mysteriously have no keyboard — thats been fixed. But its still death by a thousand small cuts. Theres simultaneously too much and far too little in this app. The user interface is woefully cluttered. I cant tap and copy the phone numbers of my patients. Please know that we always dial *67 when calling patients from our personal phones. Either include this by default or let us copy the phone number. Currently I have to memorize the number or switch back and forth between apps to dial it. Thats just silly. Why cant I view upcoming appointments for my patients? How about being able to view PDFs from the Chart Review — like scanned in outside lab results and data usually in the Media tab of Epic? You still cant remove the space occupying Status Board (were not all surgeons, you know). Id much rather have a search tab in its place. Haiku reflects the sad, bloated state of the US electronic health record. And its because we let hospital administrators choose the priorities instead of letting doctors be doctors.

Nothing to do with haikus

Doesnt make haikus Nothing epic about this Zero stars if I could

Used to be good

Now i can only see todays schedule. No longer able to look at future dates. Lame!

Quick log in but limited

Great way to use my iphone to quickly check census and to look up lab and xray results and notes on office or hospital patients, compared to trying to log in to the full site via Citrix. Very limited functionality otherwise - at least in our configuration - cant do orders, view actual films, etc. (Ymmv). Touch log in works nicely but seems to work only if used touch to log in to phone initially btw.

Improving, but still needs work

Each generation of this app gets more and more useful, but there are still some flaws First of all, they need to add touch ID support, since Mychart app already does this. They need to add the ability to start new telephone encounters and you secure patient messages. In both of these, they need to add support on how to CLOSE an encounter, not just done it from the inbox. The interface is also somewhat inconsistent. In the bottom right corner when you are using patient messages, the menu options "..." give you totally different things then when you are in patient messages when you get options on the app itself, but not options on what to do with the particular message you are working with like you do with telephone encounters. Replies from the patient or other providers who are sending secure messages on a patient you are viewing in the inbox should be similarly shaded in colors as in the telephone encounters section. Overall, the developers should strive to keep the user interface consistent throughout the entire application. This is already a major problem in the desktop application where different keyboard shortcuts work on different screens but not in others, and there are multiple different ways to close windows etc. Since this is a ground up development, every effort should be made to keep the user experience consistent throughout. There needs to be an option to hide the collars phone number when calling patients. There should be an automatic way to use caller id block

Better, but fix the camera setting!

Overall, this is an improvement. The in basket functionality has increased, but it is still quite cumbersome to renew medications. It is helpful to be able to look up patients on the go, and review the chart. I do want to give back a specific piece of feedback: this version changed the way to take a patient ID photo- while the outline of the torso is helpful to guide people to focus on the face (which is helpful, since the size of the picture on the screen is quite small) it has taken away the capacity to zoom! you have to move the camera to inches from the face to fill the screen since the default setting of the iPhone camera is quite wide angle. This is both uncomfortable for both patient and provider, and actually leads to distortion due to the optic effects of the camera setting. Please return the zoom function. This cannot be intentional as it serves no function other than to degrade the picture taking experience.

Crash with Update

Self-explanatory. Ever since the most recent update, I cant login. Fix it.

Pended notes & DICTATIONS

Would like to see better integration of pended notes between haiku and Epic desktop. Haiku allows creation of new notes AND the ability to DICTATE within this note (!!!), however, there is no copy forward or template features. If a note is created and pended in Epic desktop, the note is not recognized by Haiku. Similarly, if a pended note is created in haiku then edited in Epic desktop, the note is no longer recognized by Haiku. Would love to take advantage of dictation function in Haiku if able to. Dictating into template notes (or to edit copy forwarded notes) between patients would be a huge time saver!


Crashes with new iOS version.

Helpful. Needs Touch ID support & notifications.

Very handy for inbox for this outpatient doc. Touch ID support and notifications when items land in inbox would make it much better.


What happened to the ability to see progress notes...

Bare bones

This app is really not useable for patient care in the hospital. There is no way to filter or sort data and most importantly I can not find any way to trend vitals. It would be great to be able to use this at the bedside but it is not very functional at this time.

Functionality is dependant on the version of Epic your clinic/hospital runs

There have been updates to the functionality, such as e-prescribing medications, but it is dependant on the version of Epic your organization is using. You need to be up on the 2010 version (currently the newest version) to have access to e-prescribing. The 2010 version also offers organizations a bit more flexability as far as what data displays in reports and some other minor enhancments. If youre itching to e-rx, go bug your IT dept and tell them to upgrade!! ;) Hope that helps

What happened?

Originally downloaded the app over a month ago. Outside of an occasional delay in connecting, it worked great! Last night I was prompted to update, and now it boots me out every time I try to log in. Can you please fix this ASAP? Thanks!

Update crashes

I agree with Reece. App crashes immediately after login since I downloaded upgrade. Removing app fully and reinstalling did not fix this.

Cant get Haiku

Since upating. Cant get on. Error message keeps saying no department listed. No prompt screen to enter this on my IPhone.

Department Error

Having similar problems as others after recent update. Getting department not configured error. Almost a week and no fix. Frustrating.

Too bad

Was a good app--until the recent update. Now it crashes. Hope they address it soon.


Im part of the chorus. The recent update renders the app useless. Its been out nearly 2 weeks. With no patch from Epic and no useful app support, Im displeased! At least re-release the earlier version until you repair the bug!

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